There are many ways of how we can make the things easier for you..

At ACPD Services Ltd we pride ourselves with not only the ability to supply industrial automation componets but as well support your business with our in-depth knowledge of multiple aspects of modern industrial environment. The market is demanding as never before and innovative ways to reduce costs are vital for everyone. Our complex solutions can bring the overhead down whilst remaining fully transparent and reasonably priced.

Mechanical Design

Whether you need to design a new product, or update and improve an existing design - leveraging the latest in CAD technology, we can refine assemblies to optimize your mechanical design for functionality and manufacturability.

ACPD Services mechanical design include Advanced CAD, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM/DFA), Modelling and Simulation, and Prototype Development. Our design skills allow us to maximize product quality while minimizing manufactured cost by considering the production processes during the product's design. Each manufacturing process has its own unique set of requirements and best practices. From injection, blow, or metal injection moulding to machining, additive manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication, or casting, we have the experience to design for various manufacturing processes. We optimize designs with assembly in mind to maximize product quality and minimize production cost.

Electrical / Electronic Design

Our electronic design engineering services, capabilities, and in-depth experience include:

  • LV panels design
  • PCB design and layout
  • RoHS compliant PCB assemblies
  • Gerber, drill and CAD/CAM documentation
  • Microcontroller designs using PIC, PSoC, ARM, 8051, SiLabs, LPC, Arduino, Z180, AtMega, MSP430
  • Mechatronic design
  • Motion control systems incorporating sensors, actuators and closed-loop servo controls
  • Single and double sided board creation (up to 48 layers)

Control systems design and integration

ACPD Services provide their clients with a full design service; incorporating detailed control panel hardware and / or software system design work for industrial control and automation project development. Over the years our engineers have been involved in projects that range from a simple single AC motor controller to complex multi-axis motion and process control systems.

  • Design and implementation
  • Project management
  • Specification and commissioning of field instrumentation
  • System testing and start-up
  • Training
  • Complete systems support

PLC/HMI/SCADA programming

ACPD Services does ongoing work designing and upgrading systems to software best suited to the client’s needs. We have highly qualified engineers capable of designing and incorporating any number of logic, communication, and security devices into one centrally located system. Whatever stage your project is in, we can assist in its development

  • Programming of all major PLC and HMI manufacturers
  • Modifications to existing programs
  • Conversion of old programs to newer versions or platforms
  • Control strategy and process control development
  • Mobile SCADA applications
  • Commissioning and functional testing
  • Maintenance and program additions
  • Historical database and reporting

Digital Twins Design / Process Simulation

Digital twins can be practically applied in almost every industry.

Our clients have a constant need to accelerate their business. New products must be conceptualized, designed, engineered, tested and produced faster than ever before. We are here to help you achieve results faster. Digital Twin has the potential of transforming your business.

Digital Twin is a simulation model of a device or production process. What’s unique about it? It’s a perfect replica of its twin sister (or brother) in terms of all physical and functional attributes including the environment it operates in. With the twin you can operate the product virtually before the decision to manufacture it. By creating a virtual model of a product in the product development or in any phase of the product life cycle you can save costs before deciding on costly investments.

Precision Machining Outsourcing Services

For both small and large companies, keeping operating low and profit return high is essential to becoming a lean, thriving business. One of the ways that many companies have successfully cut costs is through outsourcing manufacturing parts for their business to other companies within the UK. But does it really make sense in the long run? Reduced operating costs, increased product support and manufacturing expertise are all benefits of outsourcing.

  • No Equipment or Additional Costs
  • Complete Part Support & Customer Service
  • Design & Manufacturing Expertise

Injection Plastic Moulding Outsourcing Services

Nowadays, almost everything we use has plastic in it. Plastic has become one of the most sought after materials to use because of its availability, weight and pliability.

Items made of plastic are cheaper than other materials and metals. Using plastic injection moulding, plastic can be moulded into any shape or size with great precision. However, manufacturing plastic injection moulded components in-house as part of a customer’s end product can prove to be a major challenge from an efficiency, quality and cost perspective. The solution can be outsourcing of this part of your manufacturing process. Our proposed package for this includes the following features:

  • No Equipment or Additional Costs
  • Complete Part Support & Customer Service
  • Design & Manufacturing Expertise
  • You own the mould and any other tooling involved